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Bluegill/Bream with my daughter
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Author:  JoeyM [ Tue Sep 25, 2018 9:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Bluegill/Bream with my daughter

Ok, so I have an idea and I want to run it past some experienced folks. I want to get my little girl out there (she's 7). I was thinking of getting some of my 1/32 #6 jigs and let her bobber fish them with nibbles for some blue gill. I realize there might not be any keeper size brought in the boat, but at least she'll get a chance to see if she likes it or not. Just looking for pointers and guidance of good places to target and colors. I could just take her to my crappie holes as I find there are usually some hanging out around there but I wanted to open it up for advice too.

Author:  sticko [ Tue Sep 25, 2018 9:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Bluegill/Bream with my daughter

children of that age if they have not been fishing before their first few
trips you will want to keep them in the action. When the action slows down
they may not want to stay very long after that . With out any action they
may not want to stay over about 30 minutes. you need to have snacks and drinks
and other things for them to do.
For this reason i would opt to take them to one of the city park ponds around town
many of them are just full of little bream . Also i would opt to use live bait red wigglers
meal worms , or night crawlers . on a #6 or #4 hook with a small bober and a split
shot on a cane pole or any simple pole without a reel to worry about. this way if the fish are not biting she has other things to do in the park
you take her in the boat and they are not biting you may tend to stay longer and
she will get discouraged and may not want to go again. Just my thoughts.

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