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Author:  sticko [ Fri Nov 03, 2017 2:13 pm ]

Slab Daddy mentioned on here that a lot of people fish minnows and do not post on here
because we talk a lot about jig fishing. Minnows are the best bait in the world for catching
crappie. Minnows make up the biggest part of the diet of crappie. I would love to hear any
tips and tricks that people use to catch crappie on minnows. Myself i just can not seem to be
able to catch fish on minnows. I stay hung up , have a hard time keeping the minnows alive.
and do not like having to get up earlier to stop and buy them on the way to the lake.

when i first came to this site there were a lot of people asking how to work jigs to catch
crappie . Also asking how to locate structure that held crappie . So i started writing all the
information that i have learned over the years about how to find crappie and all the different
ways to use a jig to catch crappie.

there are many other artificial lures that produce a lot of crappie that can be written about
like spoons. spoons have probably caught a lot more crappie than jigs . But the people that
use them have not written about how to fish them properly.

I would love to have someone write on how they have done fishing minnows.

Author:  ann [ Mon Nov 13, 2017 6:25 pm ]

Since you asked. I love fishing minnows, particularly under a slip cork. I just love the way they bite, especially big ones.
I have been fishing off my pier at night when I am there. Seems the bigger crappie start biting at 12-2 am.
I have been getting about 10 good keepers for the last couple months, I think that when the water was real hot they would wait until it cooled off to start feeding. This last Saturday nite , I got 8 , with a couple being over a lb.
Several 1-2 lb bass, and the usual catfish, with 1 breakoff on a good cat. I use a lite leader - 4lb-6lb test, so that if I cannot
free a hang up, I just break off the leader and retie.
I also like tipping a jig with small minnows, but only when I fish straight down.
I think Crappie will take minnows when they won't take jigs.

Author:  ann [ Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:57 am ]

Here are some tips that I use to get crappie to bite when things are slow.

I have noticed that when a boat comes by and creates a wake that makes my cork
bounce, I will frequently get a bite. Also, when things are slow, simply pop the cork
or give it a short drag then let it rest. This drags the minnow up to a different
depth and back down, you will usually get the strike on the fall of the minnow as
the cork settles. If I cast out far and then drag and drop back to me, I cover
a lot of area and usually pick up a bite somewhere in the area.

Also, If you hang up, bingo you have found a brush pile or stump. If you simply
shallow up the slip cork and put it back out where you hung up, you are at least
on structure and increasing your chance for a crappie bite.

Author:  okden [ Tue Nov 14, 2017 4:52 pm ]

Good stuff Ann.!
I check the bite area on the minnow. If I have it hooked in the back and the bite mark was on the head, I change the hook area to the head; thru the back of the eyes, up thru the lip or down thru the head and always avoid the brain. Or if the minnow is just missing, I hook it opposite of what it was hooked.
If the minnow is hooked in the back, behind the dorsal fin, it will try to swim up so I put the weight at 3-4" up from the eye of the hook.
If it is hooked in the head, it will try to swim down so I put the weight close to the hook eye.
Vary the distance from the weight to the hook eye.
I love the slip corks as well...

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