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PostPosted: Wed Dec 10, 2008 2:07 am 
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always keep your jig in the rocking chair position or horizontal in the water.

to do that tie your jigs on with a loop knot.
easy to tie. take your main line tie a lose overhand knot in it take the tag end run through the eye of the jig then back through the overhand knot then tie a half hitch around the main line draw it up tight.

if you only have a few of the color plastic tails and the crappie are tearing them up. Heat the plastic tail with a lighter or match to melting dip in lake water to cool. Its like new again.

Keep your hooks sharp. Drag the hook point over the back of your thumb nail if it trys to dig in its sharp. But if it slides it is dull. also when casting or jigging the hook point gets bent on stones and things on the bottom so keep a check on it carry a small file to sharpen with.

Keep a feel on the last foot of line before the hook. If it feels like sand paper then cut it and retie your line. fish , stumps and things have weakened it .
you can add a 1/2 ounce eargrip sinker 10 inches above your jig to get it down quicker in water over 25 feet deep.
put range cubes in a ziploc bag with some water in it the night before fishing to break the cubes down pour out to keep bait and crappie in the area your fishing.

once you get a fish on drop a marker buoy. to keep you on the fish. check the time on your watch the fish will be biteing the same time same place next day unless a weather change.


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PostPosted: Wed Dec 10, 2008 3:01 am 

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Great advice sticko, thanks again and keep it up. I'm learning a ton of stuff from reading your posts. I'm wondering where I can go bank fishing since I don't have a boat.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 06, 2016 5:37 pm 

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Sticko ... you must have went to the same school that I did on how the jigs should be hanging properly. Lol I agree 100% that the jigs should be horizontally or in a rocking chair position in relationship to the line as the crappies are more pronged to "thump" this position more so than if it were in any other position.

For the most part, I tie on 4 jigs at a time and sometimes will only use 3, if I am not using the tube versions. The top 3 jigs are tied with a clinch knot and the bottom or last jig is tied using a palomar knot. Using this method of tying my jigs on, they do indeed hang in a perfect horizontally position. When I catch a fish, I always check the jig that caught the fish to ensure that this horizontal position is maintained before dropping it down again.

Please be aware that everyone may have their own way of tying jigs on their line to get this effect but this is the one I use.

Good job on this series of post Sticko.

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