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crock pot roast
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Author:  JW202 [ Tue Feb 21, 2017 7:27 am ]
Post subject:  crock pot roast


4/5 lbs shoulder roast for best results
1 pkg dry ranch dressing packet
1 pkg aujus gravy packet
1/4 stick butter
1 little bottle of pepperoncini peppers
1 onion
optional 4/5 cups cooked white rice, do not put this in crock pot, serve this over rice when ready to eat.

wash roast under cold water, pat dry with papper towel, put in crock pot
put 3 table spoons water on top of roast
put 3 table spoons of liquid from pepperoncici peppers on top of roast
put the ranch packet on top of roast
put the aujus packet on top of the ranch
cut 4 squares of butter and put on sides of roast
add 4/6 pepperoncini peppers on sides of roast, add them whole do not cut them up
put 2 slices of onion on top of roast
put cover on crock pot, turn on low and let it cook for 8 hours and enjoy.

that's it you can add salt, pepper or seasonings after to your taste after it has cooked and not add any to the crock pot until after you add veggies if needed as it should need very little if any.

Now if you want to add veggies, potatoes, carrots, mushrooms are whatever to it, cook them on the stove top and add to crockpot after the 8 hours and let them marinate in crock pot for 30 mins.

Serve over white rice or make a sub sandwich.

Author:  sticko [ Tue Feb 21, 2017 9:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: crock pot roast

I made this the other day very flavorful roast.

Author:  silentkilla [ Tue Feb 21, 2017 10:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: crock pot roast

My wife does an excellent crock pot roast, I ain't sure what all she puts in it but tators & mixed veggies goes with roast well.....

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