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 Post subject: Flounder
PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2007 6:03 am 
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Off the lake for a moment...has anyone ever been Flounder giggin? I went once, when I was young, with an Uncle and have always wanted to do it again. I bought some gigs and a light years ago and all they have done is collect dust. Does anyone know when and where (in Galveston) I could go do some giggin? :?:

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 Post subject: Flounder
PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2007 9:12 am 

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I've been an OLD SALT DOG for the past 20 years down in the Matagorda Bay Area,

( maybe you've seen some of my pics that have been posted )

Flounder are some what seasonal, you have the Spring and Fall runs that's the best times, although you can catch some year round, but the runs are best for gigging.

I don't know the Galvs bays but most have common things to look for. First flat sandy bottom is best, flounders don't like mud, but they will settle there if there is a food source. Look for any cuts or soughs where there will be moving water during tide movement. Flounder will stage there on the outgoing side to ambush prey. Of course you wnat shallow water.

Here's a secret I learned years ago ... " IF " you can find very light colored amber POLORIZED sun glasses, they will cut the glare from your lantern on the water surface and give you a better view of the bottom.

Hope it helps


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 Post subject: Flounder Giggin?
PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2007 6:32 pm 
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The best place to gig for flounder is off of the East Beach flats. Thats all of the way to the end of the island toward Bolivar. The water is very shallow out there for quite a ways.
BBB was right it is better during the runs, but it was always a way to spend a Saturday night when we were kids. Me and my buddy would go out before midnight and get one limit, then come back in and go again after midnight and get another one. Then we go down to the poor side of town and sell 'em!
There are other places if you have a boat, but this is the easiest for a newbie. Please, Please, Please watch for stingrays! They will ruin your whole night. Or better yet invest in a pair of guards. I used up all of my luck back then I guess cause I never got it. I was out one night, noticed something off-color and poked at it only to have the entire ground in front of me take off and see a large tail go right past my shin. :shock: Now every time I play the lottery I never get anything.

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